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Ghostbusting: How to Handle Candidate Ghosting

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Candidate ghosting. Nothing’s more frustrating than when that perfect candidate…disappears. No phone call, no email, no note, no trace. With this alarming trend continuing to escalate, what changes can you make to prevent getting ghosted?

Join Huda Leininger, Vice President of Human Resources of Asurint, and Sue Ann Naso, President & CEO of Staffing Solutions Enterprises, for our on-demand webinar “Ghostbusting: How to Handle Candidate Ghosting."

This webinar explores:

  • Ghosting in the Workforce: What is it?
  • Why Candidates Ghost Us
  • Ghostbusting at Every Stage: Interview Process, Offer Phase, the First Day, and Beyond
  • When it Happens to You: How to Respond
  • Top Ghostbusting Tools

On-demand Webinar

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