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IQLogics is the world's first recommendation engine for employment screenings. It uses a proprietary algorithm to instantly determine the best background searches to run for every job candidate.

This automated process unlocks a screening recommendation tailored to each candidate. The recommendation includes a unique combination of background searches designed to deliver a fast, comprehensive, and cost-effective result.

Grab this free PDF to learn more about IQLogics and our wide variety of services with an overall 25% faster turnaround time (TAT) and 99.99% accuracy rate.

  • Civil and Criminal Background Searches
  • Drug Testing & Medical Services
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Records
  • SSN Search, ID Verification, and more!
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"We have created a continuously expanding system that uses intelligence to find information about candidates- not just manpower or databases." — Courtny Cloeter, CRO

Complimentary IQLogics PDF

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