On-demand Webinar: Stress Management for Turbulent Times

Chronic stress is an urgent issue for employers. What can HR professionals, managers, and employees do to create a better, healthier work environment?

This webinar examines the harm of chronic stress and offers practical strategies for mitigating its effect in the workplace. It covers:

  • The Stress Cycle: Tactics to Interrupt It
  • Stress, Anxiety, or Depression? Key Differences
  • Challenge Pessimistic Narratives with Realistic Optimism
  • Your Limbic System: What it Does, How to Calm it Down
  • Why Stress Management Matters in Your Workplace

About Susan Fee
Susan Fee is a licensed mental health counselor based in Seattle, Washington. She’s a speaker coach for TEDx Seattle and director of The Brainpower Chronicles: Mental Health Stories for NAMI Washington. Susan is a former TEDx speaker and storyteller on The Moth. Currently, she’s earning her certification as a Financial Therapist. Learn more at www.SusanFee.com.

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